We have a fantastic line-up of customer speakers as well as a range of QlikTech speakers. Read their profiles below to find out more.

Magnus Lindkvist, Trendspotter & Futurologist
Guest Speaker: Market Keynote

One of the world's most sought after speakers on trends and future-thinking, Magnus is a graduate of Stockholm School of Economics, he has an MSc in Business and Economics. He is also a graduate of the UCLA School of Film, Television and Theatre and has made a career out of fusing the measurability and tangibility of the business world with the imaginative storytelling of Hollywood.

He founded his company Pattern Recognition in 2005 to help companies make sense (and money) out of the future. In 2008, he created the world's first academically accredited course in Trendspotting and Future Thinking at Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship.

Magnus is a member of the renowned conference TED (technology, entertainment and design), a congregation and yearly seminar in California featuring some of the world's foremost innovators, scientists, thinkers and artists among its members.

Mats-Olov Eriksson, Head of Data Warehousing, King
Guest Speaker: Customer Keynote

Mr. Mats-Olov Eriksson is Architect, Data Platforms at global online gaming giant, King, in Stockholm, Sweden (the company behind the top FaceBook game – Candy Crush). A proactive enthusiast of data and analytics, he has gained considerable experience of designing and building large data architectures and putting them into action throughout his career in the telecoms, finance, and online gaming industries. In his current role, Mats-Olov is responsible for the facilitation of data analytics; and for the tracking, storage and processing of data across all platforms at King – a highly dynamic environment where billions of records are added each and every day.

As a highly visible and respected member of the big data community, he regularly contributes his knowledge and experience to discussions about how to make huge volumes of data accessible in the most cost-effective and efficient way. His enthusiasm for the online gaming world is because he believes it provides an environment where creativity meets cutting-edge technology.

Donald Farmer, QlikView Evangelist & VP, Product Management
Co-Host and QlikTech Keynote

Donald Farmer is the QlikView Product Advocate, working with customers and partners to establish QlikView as the leading solution for Business Discovery. Donald has over twenty years’ experience in analytics and data management. In that time he has worked as a consultant, in startups and as a leader of Microsoft’s BI product teams.

He is a speaker at many international events on business intelligence, data integration and data management, blogger, and author of several books. In addition to his career in Business Intelligence, Donald has worked in fields as diverse as fish-farming and archaeology in Scotland. He is also a guest professor at SouthWestern University in Chongqing, China, and advises on several academic boards. He lives near Seattle in an experimental woodland house, with his wife Alison, an artist.

Joseph Dibartolomeo, QlikTech President, Americas
Co-Host and QlikTech Opening Presenter

Joe is President, Americas, of QlikTech, since July 2011. As an accomplished Sales Executive and General Manager, Joe brings his demonstrated track record of delivering superior business results in the enterprise software and information services industries. He is a passionate, innovative leader who builds, develops and motivates high performing teams to take advantage of paradigm shifts in technology and drive hyper-growth. Prior to joining QlikTech, Joe held executive leadership positions at D&B and their company Purisma, and at Oracle Corporation. Formerly, Mr. DiBartolomeo also worked at CA Technology and Grumman Corporation. In all these roles, he has showcased his ability to adapt quickly to tough macroeconomic conditions, thoroughly understanding the results and profit needed to effectively run the business.

Jeff Boehm, VP, Global Product Marketing
QlikTech Speaker

Jeff Boehm is the vice president of global product marketing at QlikTech, and a member of the product and operational senior leadership teams. Jeff’s responsibility spans core product messaging and positioning, market strategy, market and competitive intelligence, global field enablement and demo and product best practices. Jeff is a frequent speaker at business intelligence conferences and related industry events.

Jeff brings more than twenty years of enterprise software experience to this role, having shaped market and product strategy and positioning for business intelligence, data warehousing and search technology pioneers including Business Objects, Endeca, Ardent / Ascential and AlphaBlox. Most recently Jeff led overall corporate marketing and market strategy as chief marketing officer at Invention Machine, an innovation and search technology company in the manufacturing industry. Jeff holds a BA in computer science from Tufts University, and an MBA from Boston University. Follow Jeff @jsboehm.



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