Host Welcome: Joe DiBartolomeo QliKTech Americas President and Donald Farmer, VP of Product Management

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The Future: An entertaining look back at the innovations we thought once thought to be groundbreaking.

QlikTech Keynote: Natural Analytics, Donald Farmer, VP of Product Management

Business challenges aren’t multiple-choice. The answers you need aren’t on a drop-down list. And the next big question doesn’t exist until you ask it. Learn how QlikView’s Natural Analytics™ lets you ask your own questions and uncover business-critical knowledge that other BI tools can’t find.

Supply Chain

MLH Group
Delivering Actionable Intelligence in the Global Supply Chain, A Global Enterprise's Story
Join Helena May, founder and managing partner of MLH group, as she profiles a global luxury beauty product manufacturer and retailer. With a complex supply chain, the client was under pressure to drive systematic and sustainable change in supply chain performance. Alignment improvements across sales, finance, demand, and supply plans were required to drive towards forward visibility and create measureable value through analytics. Ms. May articulates the continuing plans to implement an analytical ecosystem to enable the company to be an analytical competitor and discusses the business and IT cultural challenges needed to drive success. She’ll round her discussion with user anecdote and value realization factoid.
Leveraging Big Data to Drive Product Quality at Euro-Pro
Euro-Pro was lacking in any business intelligence around its daily pre-shipment inspection. With more than 30 sub contract factories, and no quality systems or reporting at any of the sites, achieving their 5 star product goal would be a challenge, if impossible. Euro-Pro needed an easier way to access, collect and review their data. In his presentation, Mr. Michael Fabrico, EVP and CIO, Global IT and Corporate PMO, will lead us thru a recap of the technical solution implementation with QlikView. The efforts resulted in actionable data within the factory chain, improved quality, and the QlikView application serving as the basis for many corporate monthly quality reports. The presentation concludes with a highlight of what’s to come, for Euro-Pro with QlikView.
A More Connective, Insightful Supply Chain, with QlikView
David Telford, Director in QlikTech’s Global Market Development team, addresses the thought leadership that propels today’s decision makers to take action on their data.  Challenges in data can be turned into insights with the correct tools.  Mr. Telford leads us on a discussion of what’s best in business intelligence for supply chain decision-makers. 


NHS Trust
Immersing Business Intelligence Strategy at the NHS
A commentary from Orlando Agrippa talking about the strategic and collaborative role Business Intelligence plays at NHS. Global healthcare is everyone’s business; Mr. Agrippa speaks to forward innovation. He shares how QlikView has allowed him to discover areas of performance or improvement challenges, to make the right decisions in terms of investments, redesigned services to fit patient needs, and change practices within organization to drive forward patient safety and other areas. He elaborates on how QlikView has allowed the NHS to take action and collaborate. During the course of the presentation, he covers the future of BI in healthcare to allow intelligence flow throughout the system for improved decision-making. He discusses how better information has helped them understand mortality rate information and trends for forward diagnosis and care, and improved patient outcomes
Nemours Children's Hospital Explores Analytics with QlikView
This video details an enterprise deployment at Nemours Children’s Hospitals, exploring how insight, analysis and asking the right questions with QlikView is helping the talented doctors and nurses at Nemours serve patients and their families better than ever.
Tubingen University Hospital
Tubingen University Hospital Details Their Journey with QlikView
This video highlights the Head of BI at Tubingen University Hospital discussing their journey with QlikView

Domain Breakouts: We are excited to offer our attendees a choice of domains for content most appropriate to them. Stay in one domain the entire time…or cross domains to hear from additional speakers. The choice is yours.

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Business Transformation

Ensuring Global Cost Management Through Business Discovery at Victaulic
With three different ERP systems running across North America, Europe and China, Victaulic lacked visibility to global spend. Challenges in understanding supplier spend were creating issues in cost control. Incomplete data was making it impossible to see the full picture. Seth Kerner, BI/Data Warehouse Analyst, leads us through Victaulic’s evaluation process and decision to align with QlikView in a Global Spend Analytic effort. Now, Vitaulic can better understand how costs are being managed globally, having significant impact across contract negotiating, confidence in reporting, and workforce efficiency. Seth concludes with insightful takeaways and a look at what’s next for Vitaulic, and QlikView.
Analog Devices
Improving New Product Performance and Unleashing Data at Analog Devices
In this highly competitive global market Analog understands they have to spend dollars to maintain a competitive advantage. Challenged with traditional cycle times associated with data warehouses and GUI development, the Analog management team decided to take action. With a laser focus on return on investment, new product performance and project selection rapid access to data became critical. Explore the journey with Ken Hartman, Manager of Product Productivity, and the path to data discovery with Qlikview. Ken shares how the business and IT teams unleashed the power of Business Intelligence at Analog Devices to gain visibility and foster actionable intelligence.
QlikView ROI Calculator – 5000 User Scenario
Mike Saliter, Senior Director of QlikTech’s Global Market Development team, walks through a 5000 user scenario in the QlikView ROI Calculator app. This app is intended to measure the value that the QlikView investment is going to bring to an organization by comparing scenarios, running Monte Carlo simulation and calculating the time to value of money.


Gorgeous and Genius - Visualization Best Practices
"We live in a time of beautiful data. Business users are mature and active data consumers and they are measuring corporate services against the services they receive online. Thus many are disappointed in the look and feel of their current reporting solutions as they don’t deliver on the value of the data. This is where QlikView takes advantage of both having associative capabilities as well as full control over the use of colour, layout and style to make a dashboard that will really engage with the business users. The advanced visualization tools of QlikView gives you the ability to use all of the tricks in the visualization book to give great insight into what is going on in your organization. When you combine together the advanced visualization tools in QlikView and the power of business discovery you can really create something which is both Gorgeous and Genius"

Sales & Marketing

Business Discovery Drives Sales at Rackspace
Join Andy Quirin, QlikView Charter Luminary and Business Intelligence Developer at Rackspace, as they tell the story of Rackspace’s evolution of sales reporting in Business Discovery. Over the last year, Rackspace has revolutionized the way they think about sales. Through the power of QlikView’s business discovery, Rackspace’s now consolidated reporting offers a single pane of glass view into the company’s bookings, attainment, pipeline, quotes, products, and much more. Join Andy as he details the journey from disjointed spreadsheets and reports and the sales discoveries that have resulted from it.
Driving Revenue Growth Through Business Discovery at Bentley Systems
Bentley Systems was at a crossroads. Their large number of products was creating confusion among sales and marketing. Jeff Richardson and Larry Griffiths, a team of BI Managers at Bentley Systems, share details on how they navigate Big Data to better bundle their products to make more sense within the organization and to the customer. Leveraging QlikView, they developed a market basket/affinity analysis, pulling in data from over 500M records and 3 data sources. The end result was an easy to navigate application, accessible to any potential user, with dramatic reductions in processing time and $2M savings in software development cost. As a result, Bentley is better poised to provide superior products in the future with the insights they captured.
Explorations in Sales and Marketing, with QlikView
Mike Saliter, Senior Director of QlikTech’s Global Market Development team, addresses the challenges faced by sales and marketing experts across organizations today as they grapple with extracting insights from their data. He provides insights to the types of innovative applications these decision-makers could leverage to discover knowledge … that propel competitive advantage and enterprise success.

IT Governance

Apple Vacations
Expanding Business Opportunities Through Business Intelligence at Apple Vacations
Apple Vacations was faced a common problem in today’s business. Legacy reporting processes were not keeping pace with business growth, and expectations of performance. Data was buried deep within their enterprise system. The impact on the user was obvious; they were spending more time gathering information than they were taking action on insights. A self service business intelligence solution, powered by QlikView, renewed Apple Vacation’s agility. Join Jim Colgan, Director PMO, as he elaborates on the story, and identifies lessons learned and hints at the roadmap ahead, in this story that will be relevant for any organization seeking data transformation.
Electric Insurance
Data Discovery and a Single Source of Truth at Electric Insurance
Electric Insurance Company discovers how to access relevant and timely information with QlikView. Tom Stumpek, VP & CIO shares highlights of their path to discovery through internal challenges that kept their IT teams backlogged, reporting discrepancies, and increasing license costs. Now with over 150 end users and dozens of applications in numerous functional departments QlikView is the single source for data analytics.
Ensuring IT Security Through Business Discovery
Metrics gathering at Unisys began with raw data feeds ranging from simple Excel data to millions of lines of anti-virus, malware, and network scanning log records. Hand manipulations of the data using custom written VB scripts were then presented in Excel spreadsheets and Power Point slides . No doubt, a labor intensive process that could not be sustained, to say nothing of the difficulty in performing on demand analysis. Enter QlikView. A more rapid delivery time for the monthly metrics reports opened a new paradigm for exploring the meaning behind the numbers. Jacob Sitkin, Manager Security IS, covers the solution to address dark matter scanning data. Jacob concludes his presentation with a set of key learnings that no doubt will shed light for others with similar data problems.
How QlikView Helps ITY Enable Business Users: Governance Dashboard
Jeff Boehm, QlikTech's VP of Global Product Marketing, will explain how with the QlikView Governance Dashboard, IT professionals are able to have a 360 degree view of QlikView deployments. This allows them to quickly make decisions about the best ways to support these deployments, including allocating new databases or adding additional server horsepower to the most popular QilkView applications. The free dashboard allows users to maximize data governance, saving time and resources by providing a central location for monitoring all QlikView applications within an organization.

QlikTech Keynote: Jeff Boehm, VP of Global Product Marketing

What’s Next? The Future of Business Intelligence: Jeff Boehm has deep insights into the QlikView Business Discovery platform. Starting with the core principles of QlikView’s in-memory technology, and the industry’s only associative search model, you’ll get an outlook to the upcoming development plans to address the rapid technological changes in the BI marketplace. See a brief demo of the next generation of QlikView and learn about beta testing and release schedules - as well as important enhancements to the current QlikView 11 platform.

Thought Leadership Panel

Donald Farmer, QlikTech VP of Product Management, leads an engaging panel including Ken Hartman, Manager of New Product Productivity, Analog Devices; Jeff Boehm, Global VP of Product Marketing, QlikTech; Andy Quirin, Business Intelligence Developer, Rackspace; and Mike Saliter, Senior Director, Global Market Development, QlikTech.  Insights extracted from this provocative Q&A cover big data … burden or opportunity, the mandate for visualization in new generations of BI and analytics, and the strategic leaders' thought path to BI strategies in the enterprise.

Customer Keynote:  Mats-Olov Eriksson, Head of Data Warehousing, King

King is the world’s largest skill gaming web site, and the company behind the extremely popular game, Candy Crush Saga. Hear from Mats-Olov Eriksson, Head of Data Warehousing on how King leverages QlikView with Hadoop to make sense of data from over 190 million monthly players and more than 26 billion game plays.

Q&A Live with Donald Farmer, VP of Product Management

2:30 PM ET

Market Keynote:  Magnus Lindkvist, Trendspotter and Futurologist

Magnus Lindkvist is one of the most sought-after speakers globally on the subjects of Trends, Trend spotting and Future Possibilities. Magnus' speeches are a whirlwind of ideas and inspiration that will energize and intellectually refresh listeners.

3:30 PM ET

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Opening Remarks: Joe DiBartolomeo, QlikTech Americas President

Transformations: Insights and commentary from analysts and QlikTech leadership on the paths forward for business intelligence for today’s decision makers.

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